#songoftheday: “Streets Been Talkin'” by Kele Okereke

Streets Been Talkin’ By Kele Okereke From the album Streets Been Talkin’ Listen on Spotify Follow #songoftheday playlist

19 Jul 2017

Weekly Mix 28: July 16, 2017

A lot of new listeners tuned in to last week’s show and one of them was Jon Fine, who played with David Grubbs in the band Bitch Magnet. Jon was really excited to hear Loving Six on last week’s mix. He had heard about Loving Six and had been waiting to hear their music for almost 30 years. We got to

16 Jul 2017

#songoftheday: “Truth” by Kamasi Washington

Truth By Kamasi Washington From the album Truth Listen on Spotify Follow #songoftheday playlist

14 Jul 2017

#songoftheday: “American Boyfriend” by Kevin Abstract

American Boyfriend By Kevin Abstract From the album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story Listen on Spotify Follow #songoftheday playlist

12 Jul 2017

#songoftheday: “Right Side” by L8LOOMER, Doja Cat

Right Side By L8LOOMER, Doja Cat From the album Right Side Listen on Spotify Follow #songoftheday playlist

11 Jul 2017

#songoftheday: “when i get too sad” by Reddish Blu

when i get too sad By Reddish Blu From the album when i get too sad Listen on Spotify Follow #songoftheday playlist

10 Jul 2017

#songoftheday: “I’ll Quit Tomorrow” by Dawg Yawp

I’ll Quit Tomorrow By Dawg Yawp From the album Dawg Yawp Listen on Spotify Follow #songoftheday playlist

10 Jul 2017

Weekly Mix 27: July 9, 2017

Last night my girlfriend watched I T2 Trainspotting. I haven’t seen Trainspotting since it was released back in 1996 and I thought it’d be fun to revisit those lovable junkies and hooligans from the first movie. And it was fun. The dialogue was whip-smart and the cinematography was was breathtaking and the actors were fantastic. But it was fun in

09 Jul 2017

Weekly Mix 26: July 2, 2017

I subscribe to several newsletters but I usually delete them as soon as they hit my inbox because they’re uninteresting or sharing links to other articles. The only newsletter I read from start to finish is Bob Lefsetz‘s newsletter. Lefsetz is a music industry analyst and critic and the reason I read his newsletter while I

02 Jul 2017

Weekly Mix 25: June 25, 2017

Before we get to today’s show I wanted to tell you about a game I just started playing called Vampire: The Masquerade. It’s a role playing game like Dungeons & Dragons but instead of warriors and wizards it’s based on vampires. And we’re playing the game with dice and paper and not on a laptop. I confess, vampires aren’t

25 Jun 2017
Synecdoche by teslathemes