August 12, 1995 [Part 2] | WMFO 91.5 FM

The Wayback Machine is set for August 12, 1995. As always, a freeform set mixing everything from The Beastie Boys to Claude Debussy to Frank Zappa to King Tubby and more. Bonus: some music from Mental Notes with host Craig Schildhauer! PSA: Anti Capital Punishment Grateful Dead “Black Peter” Grateful Dead “Eyes of the World”

12 Aug 1995

August 5, 1995 | WMFO 91.5 FM

Step back into the Wayback Machine as we travel to August 5, 1995! Let me pat myself on the back by telling you how proud I am of the selection of tracks and segues in this show. I’m all over the place but through the magic of segues it all hangs together. The freeform force

05 Aug 1995

July 8, 1995 | WMFO 91.5 FM

Step into the Wayback Machine and go back to July 8, 1995 and listen to a freeform set covering country and western, psychedelic music, jazz, punk, metal, classical, dub, electronica, ragtime and some world music. Something for everyone! The Wayback Machine takes us to the second half of my July 8, 1995 show from WMFO

08 Jul 1995

June 17, 1995 [Part 2] | WMFO 91.5 FM

Another typical freeform mix, which instantly makes it better than 99% of the crap you hear on the radio. Not so much because I’m the DJ but because the music I selected didn’t come from a spreadsheet that made bean counters happy. Besides, who even listens to radio anymore when you can listen to exactly

17 Jun 1995

May 13, 1995 [Part 2] | WMFO 91.5 FM

Let’s step inside the swayback machine and go back to May 13, 1995 for a live performance by The Darlings ( We’ll also chat with them and hear some great tunes. We’ll hear some country, blues, rock and some reggae. Bonus: you’ll get a taste of Mental Notes! Tailgators “Malo-Bueno” Alice Cooper “Caught In A

13 May 1995

March 18, 1995 [Part 2] | WMFO 91.5 FM

The Wayback Machine takes us to The Pushstars live and direct on WMFO! We’re talking primo pop. The good stuff. You’ll also be treated to some delightful between song banter and an interview with the band. Sound by Perri. Bonus: a bit of Mental Notes with Craig Schildhauer! “An Cuilin/Traditional Irish Aire” ID ELpH “Crawling

18 Mar 1995

September 17, 1994 | WMFO 91.5 FM

Today the Wayback Machine is set for September 17, 1994. DJ Cruz from Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs was my guest and he spun a mix of hip hop gems. Cruz even waxed psychedelic with some Jimi Hendrix and—bonus—a live performance from Street Level! There might even have been a dancehall chantreuse but my memory

17 Sep 1994

November 5, 1993 | WMFO 91.5 FM

The Wayback Machine takes us way, way back to November 5, 1993. At the time I was into hardcore and punk like any angry young man from the early 90s. Even so, I still had sensitive, melancholy side to me. I was inspired to put together a show where you could turn off the lights,

05 Nov 1993

October 30, 1993 Halloween Special [Part 1] | WMFO 91.5 FM

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned this a dozen times or so but all the shows I’m posting to Mixcloud come from unlabeled cassettes of my shows from WMFO 91.5 FM. That means when I digitize each cassette it’s always a surprise to discover what’s on them. Today’s Halloween show from 1993 is exactly that and does

30 Oct 1993
Synecdoche by teslathemes