I was waiting for a rainy day to record today’s show because all the music is so delicate and beautiful. But I live in San Diego and rainy days in Southern California are rare. It’s difficult to listen to music that’s fragile or moody when the sun is always shining. Sometimes you need overcast skies

19 Oct 2007


I’m constantly contacting record labels to send me promotional CDs so I can deliver to you the finest in all genres of electronic music. Recently I received a batch of experimental electronic music CDs from Accretions, an artist-based independent music label with an ear towards experimental, improvisational and global sounds. When I checked the mailing address

28 Sep 2007

solipsistic NATION No. 14: DEFcember

People sometimes ask me what’s the story behind the name solipsistic NATION. I first came across the phrase “Solipsistic Nation” in Greg Egan‘s book, Permutation City. In the book, there are two characters who inhabit a digital universe, and because they can create and recreate their world and identities, they were truly solipsistic beings who

01 Dec 2006
The New Bin

solipsistic NATION No. 13: The New Bin

When I was a deejay at WMFO it was always a joy to check the new bin. The new bin was where we stocked all the recent CD and vinyl releases. Each week I’d go through the new bin to pick the stand-out tracks that I wanted to play on my show. The new bin

24 Nov 2006
The Agriculture

solipsistic NATION No. 12: The Agriculture

About six months ago I interviewed James Healy of The Agriculture Records on the small WORLD podcast. The Agriculture puts out mind blowing music by artists who are influenced by many different genres, which makes their own songs genre defying. House, garage, dance hall, dub, hip hop, minimalist electronic music, etc…it’s all grist for The

17 Nov 2006

solipsistic NATION No. 11: Offbeat

Let me give you a little background on solipsistic NATION if you’re new to the show. solipsistic NATION began as a show on a pirate radio station a year or so ago. Electronic music is so diverse that I didn’t want to limit myself to one particular genre. The concept of the show was that

10 Nov 2006
House of the Rising Sun

solipsistic NATION No. 10: House of the Rising Sun

Last week’s show featuring music from Dielectric Records was sort of a litmus test for those of you who listen to the show. I want to play the best of all genres of electornic music on this podcast and that includes the more experimental stuff. If you’re still with us after last week’s show then

03 Nov 2006
Dielectric Records

solipsistic NATION No. 9: Dielectric Records

When I relaunched the solipsistic NATION podcast I knew from the beginning that I wanted push the boundaries of the show from its original format. It wasn’t enough to play a mix of all genres of electronic music, although that is an ambitious effort in and of itself. I wanted the show to include interviews,

27 Oct 2006

solipsistic NATION No. 8: Chiptunes

Chiptune is music written in sound formats where the sounds are synthesized by a computer or video game console sound chip. The so-called “golden age” of chiptunes was the mid 1980s to early 1990s, when such sound chips were the only way for creating music on computers. The composers had a great degree of flexibility

20 Oct 2006

solipsistic NATION No. 7: Just Chill

Fall has come to San Diego. Not that that means much in this corner of paradise. It’s not like the leaves of the palm trees turn to a riot of autumn colors or that the grass is rimed with frost in the early mornings. None of that for us, thank you very much. Instead, each

13 Oct 2006
Synecdoche by teslathemes